Company Profile

Anderes Fourdy

Anderes Fourdy was established in 2013 by two partners who had an eye and a passion for technology and events. Anderes Fourdy received its MSC Malaysia status in 2014. The company’s aim is to marry innovative technology with events management by coming up with state-of-the-art Congress and Exhibition Technology. In 2018, Anderes Fourdy won the Emerging Innovator Award by the Malaysia Commercialisation Year (MCY) 2018 and was dubbed as Malaysia’s Most Innovative Company 2018. Anderes Fourdy is a pioneer Congress and Exhibition Technology in the Malaysian scene. We make Conference and Exhibition management easier, time efficient and cost effective. With our technology, managing a huge Congress or Exhibition has never been easier! We also cater to your needs. Everything is customisable and we prioritise your Congress branding.

Anderes Fourdy Events

What our technology can’t do, our team can! Putting the personal touch into our Congress management. Anderes Fourdy Events is the leading Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) in Malaysia. We are a PCO with experienced key opinion leaders in the international convention industry. Driven with deep-rooted passionate experience, Anderes Fourdy surpass most PCO’s key competencies with a desire in representing our client’s best interest, delivering successful & impactful face-to-face congresses and offering the best international industry practices. Our own congress technology further enhance and realise the full potential of your congress.